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September 22, 2022

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Here is the September edition of "The Wanted Poster." I hope you will find it to be of some value.

Please stay safe in your pursuit of success and happiness. And always remember, they are not mutually exclusive goals.


Using selling as an example, the sales process is much more than selling products or services to a potential buyer. The sales process is about building relationships first and then offering products or services that will fill a potential client’s needs.

The overwhelming majority of the time, people want to buy from people whom they like and whom they trust. Therefore, creating rapport and trust when we are communicating with others is the single most important part of the relationship-building process.

Beyond the selling of products or services is the selling of ideas, thoughts, and our personal positions or beliefs to others that we deal with on a day-to-day basis. This includes our husbands, wives, partners, children, friends, relatives, and a host of other people we come into contact with over the course of our lives. We are all constantly selling something to someone else, in one form or another.

The principal that applies to our “personal” selling techniques also applies to our “business” selling techniques. To be successful, we must first build a strong relationship built on trust and rapport before others will accept what we have to offer.

Here are some important communication tips that can help build trust and rapport with others during the relationship-building process:

Listen – Too often people are trying to push their point across by talking someone else into buying their product or idea. In reality, to gain commitment from others, we must first listen attentively to them. This will show them we respect and appreciate them … a necessary step in creating rapport and trust. We can “show and tell” or “listen and sell.” The choice is an easy one to make.

Probe – Ask questions that will give you more insight into the other person’s point of view. The more information that you can gather about how they feel, the better position you will be in to express your feelings in a non-threatening way and to sell your ideas to them. Remember, the person asking the questions is the person in control of the conversation.

Acknowledge – By listening and probing, you will then be able to acknowledge the need, desire, or point of view of your communication partner. Let them know that you think you understand how they feel and ask them whether you have it correct (paraphrasing).

Avoid the Need to be Right – All we need to do is look around the world today and we will see that most of the conflicts that are occurring are the direct result of each side thinking that they are right, and the other side is wrong. Even in our own Country we are deeply and evenly split by our need to be right about what we believe in. Stubbornness never built a bridge or sold an idea to someone with a different opinion than our own. All too often we let our need to be right get in the way of our need to prevail. When it comes to building relationships, we can be right, wrong, or successful. Once we let go of the need to be right and not to be wrong, we can then focus on becoming successful.

Respect – We need to communicate in an atmosphere of respect for those that we are dealing with, if we expect them to listen to us willingly. Even if we don’t prevail in winning them over completely, we will always have our integrity and our character intact.


Now, here is something to help you get through the tough times ... of which there have been many over the past few years.

“Believe in Yourself”

Believe in yourself ... to the depth of your being.

Nourish the talents ... your spirit is freeing.


Know in your heart ... when the going gets slow

That your faith in yourself ... will continue to grow.


Don't forfeit ambition ... when others may doubt.

It's your life to live ... you must live it throughout.


Learn from your errors ... don't dwell in the past.

Never withdraw ... from a world that is vast.


Believe in yourself ... find the best that is you.

Let your spirit prevail ... steer a course that is true.

- Bruce B. Wilmer

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"Lee's Trailer Park" is a testimony to Napoleon Hill's famous quote, "Out of every adversity springs a seed of an equivalent or greater benefit." As long as we never quit; as long as we get up one more time than we are knocked down; as long as we are willing to overcome any and all obstacles that stand in our way, then we can achieve whatever goals and objectives that we set for ourselves in our lives.

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